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Meenakshi College of Education : To provide the best admission counselling possible to aspiring college and graduate students. We understand how stressful and time consuming the admissions process can be for applicants, and how increasing competition for places in top Colleges and programs has added to that pressure. Meenakshi College of Education helps its clients increase their chances of gaining entry to their preferred programs by pairing them with Professional admissions counsellor. Meenakshi College of Education is offering Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) Course from Chaudhary Ranbir Singh University, Haryana.

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Why Choose Meenakshi College Of Education


The Institute has spacious architecturally designed lecture and tutorial rooms, airy and electric gadgets...


Meenakshi College Of Education provide the student activities, sports events, tour, & more photos...


Students are expected to conduct themselves at all times- in class and on campus- in a manner that benefit...

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Objectives Of Meenakshi College Of Education

The following Goals and Objectives have been laid down by Meenakshi College Of Education to realize the vision and fulfill the mission laid by Shanti Educational Society:

  • To impart Quality Education for the holistic development of dynamic and competent Pupil Teachers.
  • To inculcate the desire to serve the society.
  • To endow the Pupil Teachers with the latest technological expertise for its use in their profession.
  • To enhance and sustain quality in Teaching learning Process.
  • To foster a craving amongst Pupil Teachers for Life Long Learning.

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